Les actionnaires

Aurélie Pertusot


Aurélie Pertusot looks for a form of dialectic between the artwork, the place and the audience through drawings, installations and performances. The artist is interested in the interconnections and porosity between elements: she plays with the perception of time and space and explores the possible passages between the visible and the invisible. Pertusot works with economy of means by using recycled and everyday materials and certain philosophical concepts influence her way of thinking such as resonance or the notions of cycles, repetitions and rhythms. Within the collective les actionnaires, she focuses on the notion of listening, horizontality and co-existence by practicing visual and sound improvisation as well as instantaneous composition.


Graduate of the Nancy and Bourges Art Schools, Aurélie Pertusot is a visual and sound artist based in Nancy and Berlin. Co-founder of the performance projects Les Trotteuses, Feu Moyen, Ana Colute, and Loop-loupe, she was a artist researcher in the sound research group Arthésis at ENSA Bourges from 2016 to 2018 where she worked with composers Lê Quan Ninh, Annette Vande Gorne, Alexis Degrenier and Michel Chion. Her work was recently nominated for the Neuköllner Kunstpreis in Berlin and the André Evard Prize (Messmer Foundation) and have been recently supported by the Künstlerdorf Stiftung Schöppingen in Germany, Sorbonne University (Labex PLAS@PAR) and Centre Pompidou Paris.


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