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Renaud Héléna


Renaud Héléna's work features a visual vocabulary consisting of cut-outs, molds, texts and games. The pieces, sometimes supporting one another, recreate precarious installations using notions of structure and surface. The artist plays with games and theater codes to set up a "weak magic" and blur the line between reality and fiction. His work evokes us a mean-dering space within the fantastic and mundane where normative structure and marginal behavior overlap. On the one hand, Héléna translates ordinary architectural elements and street furniture into fragile pop-up sculptures cut according to a principle, which links the volumes to their spatial planes, leaving them leaning on structures or simply lying flat on the floor. They form fragments of landscapes somewhere between set design and architecture, which are both familiar and strange. His participation in the collective's lab session is "opening new perspective on my experimentation around scuplture and scenography". Along with this, Héléna writes texts suggesting cinematographic fragments or protocol's testimonies taking various forms like internet forums, recipes, mind maps, where he plays with the common place and generic dimension found in langage. "Once the scenery collapses and truth momentarily becomes false, words wander. Then, hollow conversations and witches' recipes of love potions may remain where authenticity has left."


Renaud Helena lives and works between Carcassonne, France and Berlin, Germany. He graduated in 2006 at the Fine Art School in Toulouse, where he presented works questioning the relation between art and entertainment. After spending a year in Toronto, Canada, he was invited to a residency program which aim at, in the course of six months, creating a collaborative project with students from Narbonne's, Sigean's and Port-la-Nouvelle's middle schools in France. The artist completed this project with a student's performance based on their partying habits, as well as a solo exhibition at the L.A.C., a private collectors' exhibition space in Sigean. Then Helena moved to Berlin where he participated in several exhibitions in artist-run space and art center such as Theatre impermanent and the Spinnerei in Leipzig, Germany in 2014 and 2015, the Abbaye de St-Hilaire, France in 2016. In 2017, the artist created an original video installation dealing with colonial archives for a collective exhibition produced by and showcased at the Jewish Museum Berlin. He presented in 2018 a new series of work based on boardgames at the Projektraum Ventilator in Berlin. The artist continued these research for the exhibition Foretelling in 2019 at the pop-up gallery Schaffen Wir à Berlin. He invited the audience to play a card game created for the installation.


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