Les actionnaires

Topic LAB N°4 _ Overlaps




Les actionnaires’ working process was strongly influenced by the sanitary crisis, new forms of social distancing, of proximity and demarcation. Under this scoop of exterior constraints, Overlaps reacts to the everyday confrontation with unexpected appearing objects such as the barrier-tape and the protective masks. Overlaps revisits and reconsiders collective associations and our appreciation of those newly imposed elements of daily lives. The artists go beyond the utilitarian relationships they maintain with the objects, to enter into an exchange of new possibilities.

The Topic LAB is a collective composition in which participants focus on a particular theme.
This process is realized under the sanitary constraints of social distancing; The overlapping of two videos is considered, to overcome the impossible interaction of bodies; The choice of objects and materials are based on the day to day situation and human reactions to the COVID 19 virus. The captured composition is publicly presented online in the form of a short video.

Topic LAB N°4 _ Overlaps
With Anaïs Edely, Renaud Héléna & Elma Riza
Kunstquartier Bethanien, April 2020 Berlin