Les actionnaires

Elma Riza


Elma Riza's artistic practice revolves around the desire to create two-dimensional, or three-dimensional images, where the notions of place (topos) in relation to the created (imaginary) space and the presence of the body (of the spectator or her own) propose an approach to fiction in an abstract and sensitive way, a fiction of the created or filmed space. Wall, ground, rock, forest, objects become the supports of a visual intervention, which invite the spectator to a concentration of the senses on the visible and the sensitive, initiated by the tension between the concrete and the abstract. Before coming to performance, her first mediums were photography and video. Today she brings them together and is involved in the collective les actionnaires both as a video artist and as a performer.


Elma Riza is a Franco-Tunisian artist, born in France in 1986. Graduated from the KHB - College of Fine Arts in Berlin, she lives and works in Berlin since 2007 in the field of visual and performance arts. She regularly presents her work at festivals and exhibitions (Philomena+, Vienna (2020), galerie weißer elefant Berlin (2020), La Boîte, Tunis (2019), Max Liebermann Haus Berlin (2018), Foire internationale d'art contemporain de Marseille (2018), Kunsthaus Essen (2017)... In 2014 she created an interdisciplinary research platform for instant composition "Imprévu Berlin", where in 2017 the first Atelier LAB was set up. There she met the artists, who today compose the collective Les Actionnaires.


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