Les actionnaires

Topic LAB N°5




Topic LAB is above all a space for experimentation and research, where visual art and instant composition merge. Objects, bodies, sounds, spaces meet and compose instantaneous images. It is a collective composition where each participant brings his own objects and a fragment of his universe.

Protocol: Composition of 20-40 min; Limited choice of objects and materials. The Topic LAB is a collective composition in which participants focus on a particular theme. The captured composition is publicly presented online in the form of a short video montage or a series of photographies.

Topic LAB N°5 - Light
With Renaud Héléna & Elma Riza
Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin, December 2021

Les actionaires: Anaïs Edely, Renaud Héléna, Aurélie Pertusot, Elma Riza