Les actionnaires

Invitation nr. 3




In the highly organized and hierarchical environment of a health care structure, a resident and a staff member receive an invitation to meet in one of the collective or reserved spaces of the Hospital complex. The aim is to create a twenty-minute picture: a game of improvised actions driven by spatial constraints, rules of observation and participation and last but not least, the desires of the participants.

The event is based on the work of the artists' collective les actionnaires and its member Anaïs Edely. It materializes the potential desire of an emotional appropriation of space. Constructed as an experience to be lived, it invites to transform one's own perception of the health care structure by hijacking its machinery.

L'envie was a 6-week-long artistic presence supported by the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) Hauts de France and the Regional Direction of Health (ARS) Hauts de France, as part of the Culture Santé 2020 programme.

With Jean, Romane, Emilie, Henri & Hubert
Kinesitherapie room of the Fort Gassion residence, October 2020 France

© Anaïs Edely, https://anais-edely.com, Centre Hospitalier Aire sur la Lys