Les actionnaires

Atelier LAB N°6




Composition of 20-40 min; Limited choice of objects and materials; Focus and limitations by applying constraints in the form of cards (the 86 Aspects of Composition of Mike Vargas or restrictions developed by members of the collective) and of video framing (the framing of the video is consciously integrated into the collective composition process). The captured composition is publicly presented online in the form of a short video montage or a series of photographies.

Atelier LAB is above all a space for experimentation and research, where visual art and instant composition merge. Objects, bodies, sounds, spaces meet and compose instantaneous images. It is a collective composition where each participant brings his own objects and a fragment of his universe.

Atelier LAB N°6
With Anaïs Edely, Renaud Héléna & Elma Riza
Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin, March 2019